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Colorful Aluminum Foil Envelopes Moisture Proof Three Side Seal For Mailing

Colorful Aluminum Foil Envelopes Moisture Proof Three Side Seal For Mailing

aluminium foil packaging bags

aluminium foil pouch

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Product Description

Colorful Aluminum Foil Envelopes Moisture Proof Three Side Seal For Mailing 


Aluminum foil bags application

Medical packaging materials, high temperature steamed food packaging, barrier packaging (essence, spices) and electromagnetic shielding packaging.
Application of aluminum coating
Light, non steamed barrier packaging, such as sea coating, puffed food, biscuit food packaging.


Aluminum Foil Envelopes performs well in the packaging of industrial products, hardware, circuit board, electronic parts and component and other static sensitive products for the requirements being vacuum, anti-static, moisture proof, keeping out of light.
The aluminum foil bag is sliver, opaque and glossy.
Aluminum Foil Envelopes’s surface resistance value: 105Ω - 1011Ω.
With great barrier property, heat sealing, corrosion resistance, shading, non-toxic and tasteless features, Aluminum Foil Envelopes protects the content from moisture, static and electromagnetic interference.
The regular design of aluminum foil bags include flat bag, seal-adhesive bag, zip lock bag, three-dimensional bag and organ bag.
The customized thickness, size, design and printing are available.



Data Sheet
Optional Materials: PP
Melting Point : 164℃~170℃
Working Temperature : -30℃~140℃
Material Density : 1.15g/cm³
Common Size : 14.25" x 20" #7
Sample Color : Blue
Basic Material : BOPP
Protruding Characteristics : Protective
Typical Application Industry : Apparel
Shape Style : Heat Seal
Classification: Aluminum Foil Envelopes
Materials introduction
Polypropylene is a non-toxic, odorless, odorless, milky white crystalline polymer with a density of only 0. 90--, "0. 91g/cm³", and is one of the lightest varieties of all plastics. It is particularly stable in water, the water absorption in water is only 0.01%, molecular weight of about 8, in case of 150 thousand. The formability is good, but the shrinkage rate is large (1%~2.5%). The thick wall products are easy to sag, and the parts with high dimensional precision are difficult to meet the requirements, and the surface gloss of the products is good.

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