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Strong Protection Holographic Bubble Mailers Decorative Shipping Envelopes

Strong Protection Holographic Bubble Mailers Decorative Shipping Envelopes

holographic bubble envelopes

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Poly Bubble Film
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VMPET And LDPE Laser Holographic Bubble Mailers Decorative Bubble Envelopes


The holographic film usually adopts dot matrix lithography, 3D true color holography, multiple and dynamic imaging technology, etc.. By molding the substrate with the rainbow holographic image dynamic, three-dimensional effect of the transfer to PET, BOPP, PVC or coated, and then make the packaging of some kind of surface holographic effect using composite, hot stamping, transfer etc..



Detailed introduction


Holographic packaging is a breakdown of the industry in the packaging industry, has achieved rapid development, compared with other products within the packaging industry, holographic packaging materials not only has novel and beautiful appearance, but also has high technical security features, known as the most cutting-edge technology products in the world packaging and printing industry. Holographic materials have been widely used in food, medicine, daily necessities, tobacco and wine, clothing, gift packaging and decorative materials and other industries have been rapidly promoted.

From the composition of the product composition, the holographic film products can be roughly divided into BOPP holographic film, PET holographic film and PVC holographic film three kinds.

From the technical level, Lei Shemo security products used in the trademark printing field belong to high-end products in the industry, the production process involves holographic anti-counterfeit printing, film coating, pressure, transfer and other technical aspects, with high value-added products. Also widely used in food packaging, daily necessities packaging, such as moon cake boxes, toothpaste boxes, etc., and these areas will be more and more applications of holographic technology.


Data Sheet
Outside Materials: PET
Melting Point : None
Working Temperature : None
Material Density : 0.35g/cm³
Common Size : 8.5"x14.5" #3
Sample Color : Laser
Basic Material : Poly Bubble
Protruding Characteristics : Security
Typical Application Industry : Grocery
Shape Style : Drawstring
Classification: Holographic Bubble Mailers


Strong Protection Holographic Bubble Mailers Decorative Shipping Envelopes 0

There are three main features of the holographic film:


1, inherent aroma, anti-counterfeiting performance is strong, beautiful, green, environmental protection;

2, resistance to ink erosion, barrier water, carbon dioxide and other high capacity;

3, holographic film with high gloss smoke, holographic layer gives the film better anti-static, anti adhesion and high adaptability on the machine.

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