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Eco Friendly VMPET Holographic Bubble Mailers 5"X10" #00 Shock Resistance

Eco Friendly VMPET Holographic Bubble Mailers 5"X10" #00 Shock Resistance

holographic mailing bags

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Poly Bubble
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Gift Packing, Express,office,delivery,shopping
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Product Description

Quad Seal Holographic Bubble Mailers Colorful 5"X10" #00 Plastic Shock Resistance for Household




Superior cushioning and surface protection.
Self-adhesive tape available.
Multi-colors/dimensions available.
Customized designs/shapes are welcomed.
Multi-functions for mailing and packaging


Holographic is a breakdown of the industry in the packaging industry, has achieved rapid development, compared with other products within the packaging industry, Holographic materials not only has novel and beautiful appearance, but also has high technical security features, known as the most cutting-edge technology products in the world packaging and printing industry. Laser materials have been widely used in food, medicine, daily necessities, tobacco and wine, clothing, gift packaging and decorative materials and other industries have been rapidly promoted.
Brief Introduction
Glass fiber reinforced PET is suitable for electronics, electric and automotive industries. It is used for various coil frames, transformers, televisions, recorders, components and shells, car lampstands, lampshades, white heat lamp holders, relays, selenium rectifiers and so on. PET engineering plastics currently use the proportion of several applications: Electrical and electronic 26%, car 22%, machinery 19%, appliances 10%, consumer goods 10%, and the other 13%. At present, the total consumption of PET engineering plastics is not large, accounting for only 1.6% of the total amount of PET.
1. film: all kinds of food and drug packaging materials, non-toxic sterile packaging materials; high-grade textiles, precision instruments, electrical components; substrate tape, tape, film, computer floppy disk, and the metal coating film; electrical insulating material, capacitor film, flexible printed circuit board and film switch and other electronic and mechanical fields.
Application of 2. bottles: it has been used by the original carbonated beverage to the beer bottle, now cooking oil bottles, condiment bottles, medicine bottles, cosmetic bottles etc..
3. electronic and electrical equipment: manufacturing connectors, coil coils, integrated circuit housings, capacitor housings, transformer housings, TV accessories, tuners, switches, timer shells, automatic fuses, motor brackets and relays.
4. auto parts: such as distribution panel, ignition coil, various valves, exhaust parts, distributor cover, measuring instrument housing, small motor housing, etc., can also make use of PET's excellent coating, surface gloss and rigidity to make automotive external parts.
5., machinery and equipment: manufacturing gear, cam, pump housing, pulley, motor frame and clock parts. It can also be used for microwave oven, baking pan, all kinds of ceiling, outdoor billboards and models. .
The molding of 6.PET plastics can be molded, extruded, blown, coated, bonded, machined, electroplated, vacuum plated, and printed.
Data Sheet
Outside Materials: PET
Melting Point : None
Working Temperature : None
Material Density : 0.35g/cm³
Common Size : 5"X10" #00
Sample Color : Colorful
Basic Material : Plastic
Protruding Characteristics : Shock Resistance
Typical Application Industry : Household
Shape Style : Quad Seal
Classification: Holographic Bubble Mailers
Materials introduction
1. has good mechanical properties, impact strength is 3~5 times of other films, good folding resistance.
2. oil resistant, fat resistant, acid tolerant, dilute alkali, resistant to most solvents.
3. with high and low temperature performance, can be used for a long time at 120 degrees Celsius temperature range, short-term use of resistant to high temperature of 150 DEG C, -70 resistant to low temperature, and high and low temperature effects on the mechanical properties is very small.
The permeability of 4. gas and water vapor is low, and it has excellent performances of gas resistance, water, oil and odor.
5. high transparency, can block ultraviolet light, good gloss.
6. non-toxic, tasteless, sanitary, safe, and can be used directly for food packaging.


Eco Friendly VMPET Holographic Bubble Mailers 5"X10" #00 Shock Resistance 0

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