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Good Elasticity Poly Courier Mailers Co-Extruded Film Materials Biodegradable

Good Elasticity Poly Courier Mailers Co-Extruded Film Materials Biodegradable

co-extruded poly mailer

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IECC ISO9001/14001

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Product Details
Co-extruded Film
Optional Colors:
White, Gray, Black,Pearl White,Red,Green
0.06~0.1 Mm
Online Shopping,express Delivery
Unique Specialty:
Laminated Materials
Custom Sizes
Product Description

 Good Elasticity Black Poly Mailer Bags / Courier Poly Bags 380x330 #B4 Biodegradable





1. Puncture resistant,Water resistant

2. Light weight for postage saving

3. Opaque for privacy

4. Stamps and label acceptable




The seven layer co extrusion film can be divided into two main categories: 1, high temperature and high barrier type stretching film. The structure is PA/TIE/PA/TIE/PP/TIE/PP/MPP. The series films are mainly used for the packaging of high temperature sterilization products. Such as meat, bone hard containing dried meat products and all kinds of required high temperature sterilization Marinated Egg bean products. 2, low temperature and high barrier type stretch film. The structure is PA/TIE/PA/TIE/PE/PE/MPE, which is mainly used for pasteurization of low-temperature meat products, fish and aquatic products packaging. The characteristics of the seven layer co extrusion membrane are melting and extruding different functional resin raw materials, such as PA/PE/PP/TIE/EVOH and so on, and then converging on a die head through their respective passages, and then blowing and expanding.


Brief Introduction


Poly bubble mailers is actually refers to the bubble envelope, differing only in the names, in order to avoid the customers all over the world can not find the ideal products because of different names, so many of our same products used different names, although we are still missing a lot, but we are working on it, and constantly improve the name to cover.
Liner Poly bubble mailers by the inner padded and film on the surface lined with low density polyethylene, outer membrane for pet, but also the use of pure aluminum, using pure aluminum with higher fire prevention, anti radiation effect, for transport in extreme environments, such as areas near the equator, high-temperature over 40 Celsius degree, nuclear radiation near the source area. The fire resistance of coated PET film than the metal film, but also can heat preservation, heat insulation, packaging and storage some frozen food can prolong the time to dissolve.

Thick buffer layer can effectively protects the product in express transit by the impact, aluminum foil liner envelope specific anti radiation, thermal insulation function, , under the shadow of the crisis at Chernobyl and Japan's Fukushima nuclear radiation, nuclear pollution is increasingly being attention. PET film express liner bag, for love outdoor activities of people is a good choice, you can put the frozen beer, beverage, ice cream into the bag, can prolong the time of being cold.


Poly bubble mailers

Data Sheet
Optional Materials: PET
Melting Point : 168℃
Working Temperature : -100°C~+100°C
Material Density : 0.930g/cm³
Common Size : 380x330 #B4 ()
Sample Color : Black
Basic Material : Laminated Material
Protruding Characteristics : Biodegradable
Typical Application Industry : Grocery
Shape Style : Stand Up
Classification: Poly Bubble Mailers


Good Elasticity Poly Courier Mailers Co-Extruded Film Materials Biodegradable 0

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