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Colorful Anti Static Bubble Mailing Bags 9.5"X14" #4 Shock Resistance For Packaging

Colorful Anti Static Bubble Mailing Bags 9.5"X14" #4 Shock Resistance For Packaging

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ISO9001/14001, IECC, CE RoHS

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Product Details
International Standard:
USA Standard:
ANSI/ESD S20.20-2007
PE Material
Resistance Value:
10^8-10^10 Ω Omega
Processing Technology:
Antistatic Material Mixed With Raw Materials
Anti-static Value:
Product Description

Colorful Anti Static Bubble Mailing Bags 9.5"X14" #4 Shock Resistance For Packaging



1. Anti Static Bubble Bag has good performance on anti-static function and preventing the electric sensitive products from the influence of friction electrification and static field. And the bag also does well in avoiding the electricity produced by touching of human body and item with statics.
2. Anti Static Bubble Bag is a good moisture proof packaging material that can be barrier to preventing the inside products from the influence of wet weather.


​There are three main anti static people: Antistatic clothes, antistatic shoes, anti static wrist bands.
Anti - static shoes and anti - static wrist bands are to guide the human body to avoid accumulating in the body.
An ordinary garment produces a large electrostatic voltage (>1000V) when it moves. Antistatic clothing does not happen when it moves. This is the main effect of antistatic clothing.
A long strip of antistatic clothing can't shield the static electricity from the inside of the clothes (still >1000V after wearing).
Grid - like antistatic clothing can be shielded (<200V).
The generated static electricity is introduced into the external general grounding wire of the plant through the conductive floor and the grounding wire at all places.
It can be divided into the prevention of static electricity generation and the prevention of electrostatic damage.
Electrostatic protection is a long-term system project. Any failure or omission of any link will lead to the failure of electrostatic protection.
The main measures for electrostatic protection in the production process are electrostatic leakage, dissipation, neutralization, humidification, shielding and grounding.
Brief Introduction

Anti Static Bubble Bag, also named moisture proof bag and shielding bag, is known as the packaging material for shielding static. The transparent and silvery grey bag is made of insulated PE material with anti-static and moisture proof properties.
As a stationary and stagnant electric charge, static electricity can be divided into positive charge and negative charge and it can reach ten thousands of volts voltages. There is a situation that most of us have met : after turning off the light and then taking off your sweater, you can see the lightening produced by the electricity and hear the sound like “PA PA PA” at the same time, which is the phenomenon of electrical discharge form that happens due to the collision between positive and negative charges. The ten thousands of volts electrical discharge can not hurt yourself because of tiny electricity. But the discharge is able to destroy static sensitive electric appliances. For example, the discharge make the function of electronics go awry, losing and completely damaging. Obviously, the special packaging for shielding static is needed. And Anti Static Bubble Bag with outstanding anti static performance will be best choice for packing the static sensitive products.
Product Principle:
The raw material of Anti static bag is PE insulated material that performs well in moisture proof and static shielding.
Product Structure:
Anti static bag has one layer. That is, composite full polyethylene insulated material.
Processing Methods:
Firstly, because of the lamination of primer CPP film, PET film and electronic plating aluminum film, the anti static film is produced. Then, the finished film will be cut into Anti Static Bubble Bag by professional and advanced bag-making machines.
Production Techniques:
The production techniques of Anti Static Bubble Bag include PE composite technology, thermal fusion technology and laminating slitting technology.

Technical Parameters:
The surface electrical resistance: 10^8-10^10Ω.
The grade of moisture proof: A.
The thickness of anti-static film: 0.5 mm.
Anti Static Bubble Bag is popular in the packaging of magnetic IC card, phone card and circuit board.
Data Sheet
Optional Materials: PE
Melting Point : 205℃
Working Temperature : -15°C~+80°C
Material Density : 1.34g/cm³
Common Size : 9.5"x14" #4
Sample Color : Navy
Basic Material : Vinyl
Protruding Characteristics : Shock Resistance
Typical Application Industry : Office
Shape Style : Button Closure
Classification: Anti Static Bubble Bags
Materials introduction
The color is yellowish, translucent and lustrous. Transparency is better than polyethylene, polypropylene, poor polystyrene, with the auxiliary dosage is different, divided into soft and hard PVC, soft products soft and tough, feel sticky, hardness of hard goods is higher than low density polyethylene, and lower than polypropylene, in the inflection place will appear whitening phenomenon. Stable; not easy to be acid and alkali corrosion; heat tolerance.
PVC has the advantages of flame retardant (flame retardant value above 40), high chemical resistance (concentrated hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid concentration of 90%, nitric acid concentration of 60% and sodium hydroxide concentration of 20%), mechanical strength and good electrical insulation advantages.
Polyvinyl chloride has poor stability to light and heat. The softening point is 80, and it begins to decompose at 130. In the absence of heating stabilizer, PVC began to decompose at 100 degrees Celsius, and decomposed faster than 130 degrees celsius. When heated, the hydrogen chloride gas is released, and hydrogen chloride is toxic gas, which makes the color change from white to pale yellow to red to brown to black. Ultraviolet rays and oxygen in the sun will cause the decomposition of polyvinyl chloride, which makes the flexibility of polyvinyl chloride decrease and finally become brittle. From here, it is not difficult to understand why some PVC plastic will become yellow and brittle for a long time.

Colorful Anti Static Bubble Mailing Bags 9.5"X14" #4 Shock Resistance For Packaging 0Colorful Anti Static Bubble Mailing Bags 9.5"X14" #4 Shock Resistance For Packaging 1

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