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Silver Glamour Holographic Bubble Mailers Padded Envelopes Shock Resistance

Silver Glamour Holographic Bubble Mailers Padded Envelopes Shock Resistance

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Poly Bubble
Shipping Packing,Mailer Protective Packaging
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Product Description

8.5"X12" Size 2 Bubble Mailer Bag Aluminum Foil Padded Envelopes Sound Insulation


100% Eco-Friendly, Waterproof, Shockproof

Excellent choice for small parts, gifts, cosmetics, crafts, small tablets, camera and phone accessories.


shopping is part of our life especially for women now a day, usually we will throw the bag after the shopping, it's surely a big waste and bring big trouble for environment, that's why many countries forbid supermarket provide the plastic bag for customer for free, base on this, we developed lots of reusable bubble mailer bags,
Brief Introduction
Bubble mailer bag
Bubble mailer bag Is for express delivery industry,so called bubble envelope, by polyethylene bubble cover combined with PET or kraft paper , not only have the characteristics of general express plastic bags, but also has more thick buffer layer, provide higher level protection for objects in the package, in addition has heat insulation, sound insulation, moisture-proof, extrusion, impact of the advantages.
The color of the Bubble mailer bag generally pointed by the customer, mostly for the company's signature color, such as DHL generally use yellow, ups use grey, fadex with purple and orange, SF uses the gray. Uniform color express bubble bag can establish a company's professional image, highlighting the strength of the company.
Express bubble bag has a lot of characteristics, environmental protection and energy saving, it can be repeated recycling, not only save the cost, but also to protect the environment. It does not look like a disposable plastic bag, was thrown away after use, not only pollute the environment, but also increase the workload of environmental sanitation, but also a waste of energy
Data Sheet
Materials Classification : AL
Melting Point : 660℃
Working Temperature : -180~240℃
Material Density : 2.7g/cm³
Conventional Size : 8.5"x12" #2
Sample Color : Yellow
Basic Material : Aluminum Foil
Protruding Characteristics : Security
Application Industry : Grocery
Shape Style : Zipper Top
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Silver Glamour Holographic Bubble Mailers Padded Envelopes Shock Resistance 0
Materials introduction
Aluminum is a silvery white light metal. Ductility. The products are usually columnar, rod, flake, foil, powder, ribbon and filiform. A layer of oxide film to prevent metal corrosion can be formed in humid air. The acid treated aluminum powder heated in the air can burn violently and emit a dazzling white flame. Soluble in dilute sulfuric acid, dilute nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide solution, insoluble in water, but can react with hot water slowly to produce aluminum hydroxide, the relative density of 2.70, elastic modulus 70Gpa, Poisson's ratio 0.33. Melting point 660. Boiling point 2327. It is widely used for its light, good conductivity and thermal conductivity, high reflectivity and oxidation resistance. Do the daily dish aluminum is usually called "steel" or "steel". The thermal expansion coefficient of Al at (25) Shi Wen is 0.0000236mm/ C or 23.6ppm*k-1.

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