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Degradation only two years, express is expected to switch to green bags


Latest company news about Degradation only two years, express is expected to switch to green bags

In recent years, express service industry grew rapidly, known as the Chinese economy a “dark horse.” 2015 Shangdong Province express delivery industry completed 730 million, 9.71 billion yuan revenue, express delivery business ranked seventh in the country. Data show that in 2015 the delivery industry consumes 8.26 billion plastic bags, tape 16.95 billion meters, can be around the Earth more than 400 laps, the annual production of millions of tons of packaging waste, the ecological environment is a great challenge.


According to Wu Huibing, president of Shandong Express Association, “in June this year, we 525 million courier, an increase of 80%, which will increase the use of bags accounted for about 60%, toxic and harmful plastic packaging, such a plastic bag Degradation takes 100 years(daily).”


In first half of this year, the State Post Bureau also released the first ”Express Green Report”-“China Express field green packaging development status and trend report”, called for the promotion of green packaging, the development of green express. The so-called green packaging, mainly refers to the ecological environment and human health harmless, can be reused and recycled, in line with the sustainable development of packaging. But the constraints of environmental protection materials to promote the use of the bottleneck, is still the cost of the problem.


Shandong Zhongtong Express, general manager of Chen Shunfeng told reporters, “ This is the cost of biodegradable to increase the express market competition so fierce We are in control of the cost of a difference is also a big figure.”


Post through the first three through the use of the industry before the end of the year.

It is understood that the cost of biodegradable environmentally friendly bags, compared with the cost of ordinary plastic bags, at least 30% higher. Shandong Express Association said that the cost of this piece will be through active subsidies and reduce procurement costs and other ways to solve.

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