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Tear Proof Kraft Bubble Mailers 8.5"X12" Size 2 Padded Envelope For Express

Tear Proof Kraft Bubble Mailers 8.5"X12" Size 2 Padded Envelope For Express

kraft bubble envelopes

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Product Details
Strong Adhesive & Perfect Printing
Standard Size:
Kraft Bubble,Poly Bubble,Kraft Paper
Packaging,shipping And Post,Delivery
Accept Customized Logo Printing
Product Description

8.5"X12" Size 2 Padded Envelope , Padded Postal Envelopes For Express




Recommended range: mailing disc discs, tapes, electronic components, integrated circuit boards, optical lenses, books, documents, photo frames, gifts, clocks and watches. And so on.




Waterproof, Moisture Proof, Tear Proof

Lightweight and small volume for postage savings

Biodegradable and tear resistance

Puncture Resistant, Perfect Printing



Type editing of compound bubble bag in kraft paper
1, the golden kraft paper compound bubble bag can be divided into the golden Taurus also called the yellow kraft paper compound bubble bag
2. The compound bubble bag of kraft paper, the hue of the cowhide itself
3, white kraft paper compound bubble bag
Also known as: kraft paper air envelopes, kraft paper bubble envelopes, kraft paper bubble envelopes
Data Sheet
Materials Classification : PVC
Melting Point : 205℃
Working Temperature : -15°C~+80°C
Material Density : 1.34g/cm³
Conventional Size : 8.5"x12" #2
Sample Color : Pink
Basic Material : PVC
Protruding Characteristics : Recyclable
Application Industry : Grocery
Shape Style : Zipper Top
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Tear Proof Kraft Bubble Mailers 8.5"X12" Size 2 Padded Envelope For Express 0

Tear Proof Kraft Bubble Mailers 8.5"X12" Size 2 Padded Envelope For Express 1

Materials introduction
The color is yellowish, translucent and lustrous. Transparency is better than polyethylene, polypropylene, poor polystyrene, with the auxiliary dosage is different, divided into soft and hard PVC, soft products soft and tough, feel sticky, hardness of hard goods is higher than low density polyethylene, and lower than polypropylene, in the inflection place will appear whitening phenomenon. Stable; not easy to be acid and alkali corrosion; heat tolerance.
PVC has the advantages of flame retardant (flame retardant value above 40), high chemical resistance (concentrated hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid concentration of 90%, nitric acid concentration of 60% and sodium hydroxide concentration of 20%), mechanical strength and good electrical insulation advantages.
Polyvinyl chloride has poor stability to light and heat. The softening point is 80, and it begins to decompose at 130. In the absence of heating stabilizer, PVC began to decompose at 100 degrees Celsius, and decomposed faster than 130 degrees celsius. When heated, the hydrogen chloride gas is released, and hydrogen chloride is toxic gas, which makes the color change from white to pale yellow to red to brown to black. Ultraviolet rays and oxygen in the sun will cause the decomposition of polyvinyl chloride, which makes the flexibility of polyvinyl chloride decrease and finally become brittle. From here, it is not difficult to understand why some PVC plastic will become yellow and brittle for a long time.

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