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Custom Printed Aluminium Foil Pouches Silver Surface For Electronics Packaging

Custom Printed Aluminium Foil Pouches Silver Surface For Electronics Packaging

aluminium foil packaging bags

aluminium foil pouch

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Product Description

175x260mm #D Aluminium Laminated Pouches , Food Grade Aluminium Bags




Aluminum Foil Envelopes
Packaging bag made of pure aluminum foil and plastic film. Aluminum foil surface can be printed graphics, with sunscreen, high temperature resistance, moisture and moisture, anti-static function. Widely used in food vacuum packaging, electronic products anti-static packaging, chemical raw materials packaging, drug packaging, etc..
Product principle:
Aluminum Foil Envelopes with metal foil and inherent characteristics, qualitative light luster, strong reflection ability, after the plastic film composites as thermal insulation packaging, good barrier property, impervious to gases and water vapor, strong adaptability to temperature, high temperature or low temperature shape stabilized, shading, retention of aroma are excellent.
Three layers of Aluminum Foil Envelopes PET/AL/CPE, four layers of foil bag PET/AL/NY/CPE
Production method:
Composite equipment will compond the aluminum foil and plastic film to generate a composite membrane, then the bag making equipment will sealing sides, after that, the cutting equipment will cut the sealing film according to customer’s size to finished the bags.


Aluminum foil bag and aluminum plated bag can be distinguished by the following ways:

1, watch: because the brightness of aluminum foil is not as bright as that of aluminized aluminum, so the reflection of aluminum foil is better than that of aluminized film. The aluminum coated bags can illuminate the figure, but the extinction film is coated with aluminum. The aluminized appearance of the extinction film is very similar to the aluminum foil. Can plug the bag mouth, through the light to see the inside of the bag, aluminum foil bag inside is not light, transparent is the aluminum bag.
Brief Introduction

Production process:
Composite technology, thermal fusion technology, cutting technology, bag making process
1 barrier air performance is strong, anti oxidation, waterproof and moistureproof
2 puncture resistant, tear resistant and storng performance.
3 high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, oil resistance, and good performance.
4 anti-static, anti electromagnetic interference (the production process of composite anti-static materials can be anti-static)
Technical parameter:
The surface resistance value of 10 8~11 Times Square, the thickness of 8~18 wire, heat sealing temperature of 150 C + 10
Food vacuum packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, electronic products, anti-static packaging, etc.
Data Sheet
Optional Materials: PET
Melting Point : 168℃
Working Temperature : -100°C~+100°C
Material Density : 0.930g/cm³
Common Size : 175x260mm #D
Sample Color : Maroon
Basic Material : Laminated Material
Protruding Characteristics : Wrinkle Resistant
Typical Application Industry : Promotion
Shape Style : Vest Handle
Classification: Aluminum Foil Envelopes


Custom Printed Aluminium Foil Pouches Silver Surface For Electronics Packaging 0Custom Printed Aluminium Foil Pouches Silver Surface For Electronics Packaging 1

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