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Lightweight Custom Printed Packaging Bags Stand Up Pouch Waterproof

Lightweight Custom Printed Packaging Bags Stand Up Pouch Waterproof

custom plastic shipping bags

custom plastic mailing bags

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IECC, CE/RoHS, FDA, ISO-9001/14001

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Product Details
German 12 Colors Printer
5mm ~ 1500mm
5mm ~ 2500mm
0.002mm ~ 5mm
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Product Description

Lightweight Custom Printed Packaging Bags Stand Up Pouch Waterproof




1. Material: Tell us the main material you want, If you have no idea, tell us what you're going to pack. our

engineers can work with you to develop best suited materials and size of bags

2. Size: You can buy a similar product, then test it (length/width/depth)


If the color of the packaging and decoration design is fully conceived, it is from the yellow, magenta and green of the tricolor.
Three colors of red, green, blue, and purple color, four bronze, olive green, black, can be combined into a new form, like people already know if different ink color (hue), ink and ink color saturation brightness of different groups of different leveling in together, will also give a person a kind of beautiful soft and harmonious feelings. Throughout the domestic and international packaging and printing ink color cards used in color, colors, color is the most complex, complex (CO) color blending is a color science, preparation of the packaging printing color eventually using our visual examination to the effect, good, and poor quality. Using the color of packaging and printing to decorate our needs, we can decorate bright colors and constantly adjust work and living environment, which will give people good stimulation and improve the quality of work and life.
Brief Introduction
Custom Printed Packaging
Now a day, the Custom Printed Packaging is very popular all over the world,it's use colorful print technology on the suraface of the packing materials, In the same pages with different color version printing, color picture effect will reach text, picture, etc. the plate, ink, pressure and other processes, so that the ink transferred to the surface of paper, textiles, leather and other materials, bulk copy the content of technology. Now color printing generally uses flat printing.
Color printing is a direct or indirect way to make images or text originals as a printing plate, coated with ink on the printing ink, the ink is transferred to the paper or other substrates by pressure, and a large number of rapid replication of an industrial engineering.
Now color printing generally uses flat printing.
Lithographic printing is sometimes called chemical printing, which means that the printed image is in the same plane as the printing plate. It is based on "water immiscible" principle of printing. This type of printing is done by mechanical or manual means on the stone or metal surface, and then the surface of the chemical treatment, so that the image part of the ink, while the other blank part is not ink. When printing, only the ink image part is transferred to the paper to form the imprinting. Photographic printing, photocopying and printing are lithographic printing.

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