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Custom Printed ESD Anti Static Bags / Moisture Barrier Bag For Cable Or PCB Packing

Custom Printed ESD Anti Static Bags / Moisture Barrier Bag For Cable Or PCB Packing

anti static shielding bags

esd anti static bags

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ISO9001/14001, IECC, CE RoHS

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Product Details
International Standard:
USA Standard:
ANSI/ESD S20.20-2007
CPP Material And Electronic Aluminum +pet Fabric
Resistance Value:
10^8-10^10 Ω Omega
Processing Technology:
Antistatic Material Mixed With Raw Materials
Strength Range:
Product Description

Custom Printed ESD Anti Static Bags / Moisture Barrier Bag For Cable Or PCB Packing




Anti-static shielding bag It is made of composite product performance, widely used in various types of pc board, computer motherboards, sound cards, video cards, network cards and static sensitive high-tech electronic products packaging. Anti-static packaging material of a multilayer composite material is formed by coating, the inner layer is the heat seal layer, sealing products generally stronger than the strength of the sealing material twice; the intermediate layer is a layer of high mechanical strength, excellent mechanical function; an outer layer For the conductive layer. The material is compatible with the relevant chemical products, good performance, packaging and storage process will not react with the packaging, can be used directly for the contact product packaging. Moisture resistance to Level II, high and low temperature performance of ± 500c. It has excellent mechanical properties, mechanical strength and packaging transport drop test to meet the packaging strength requirements. It has good processability, conductive layer coating process can be processed into any shape according to user requirements. According to the solvent migration test and aging test, the service life of the material is 18 years. Anti-static bag packaging materials in China reached the international level


Brief Introduction
Anti Static Bag, a special packaging bags for protecting the electrically-sensitive components from static damage, are made of metal, PET/CPP and PET/CPE. Hard CPP is transparent with good clarity. While CPE is soft and transparent with worse transparency. Silvery grey and translucent PET/CPP material is the most common one in regular production. Shielding bag is also a kind of Anti Static Bag. Anti-static PE bag is made by continuous blow molding on film blowing machines with high production efficiency, which contributes to lower price than other bags.
1. Anti-static metallic foil bag 2. Anti-static shielding bag 3. Anti-static PE bag
The Electrical Resistivity of Metallic Foil Bag:
The surface electrical resistance: 1 x 109Ω x 0.012mm;
Internal electrical resistance: 1 x 109Ωx.086mm;
Metallic foil electrical resistance: 1 x 102Ω x 0.002mm.
The Electrical Resistivity of Shielding Bag:
Internal electrical resistance: 104~106Ω
The surface electrical resistance: 109~1011Ω;
The Electrical Resistivity of Polyethylene Bag:
The surface electrical resistance: 109~1011Ω;
The Structure of ESD Anti Static Bag: There are two or three layers, outer metallic foil and inside PE film. And it is possible to add a nylon film in the middle layer for strengthening the bag’s intensity.
Production Methods:
Firstly, the customized images of customers are printed on the outer layer. Secondly, the internal and outer layers are laminated on advanced and professional machines. Finally, they turn into finished Anti Static Bag by bag-making equipment. we have outstanding printing workshop, laminating plant and bag-making workshop. So, all of the processing of Anti Static Bag can be finished in Yuan Xin.
Production Technologies:
The production technologies of ESD bag include full-color printing, the laminating of metallic foil and plastic material, thermal fusion and cutting.
The principle of ESD bag: ESD bag, known as its anti-static and shielding raw materials, prevents the products from static damages.
Usages: Anti Static Bag are mainly applied into the packaging of static sensitive products, such as circuit board, smart cards, integrated circuits and wireless device, ect
Data Sheet
Optional Materials: AL
Melting Point : 660℃
Working Temperature : -180~240℃
Material Density : 2.7g/cm³
Common Size : 4"x8" #000
Sample Color : Gold
Basic Material : Aluminum Foil
Protruding Characteristics : Security
Typical Application Industry : Electronics
Shape Style : Quad Seal
Classification: Anti Static Bag


Custom Printed ESD Anti Static Bags / Moisture Barrier Bag For Cable Or PCB Packing 0

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